Choosing the right Auctioneer to sell your home

Finding an Auctioneer is easy. Choosing the right one takes a little more effort.

You want to sell your home with minimal stress, for the most attractive figure the current market will pay within a convenient timescale.

‘Beware of unrealistic claims & rash promises’. Have a look at Our Guidelines.

Local expertise

Work with a local expert. Tiernan Mallon has been selling residential property in Dundalk and North Louth for the last 24 years. Choose someone you can trust, someone with outstanding negotiation skills, personality and charisma – this could translate into a higher sales figure.

An Auctioneer with a strong reputation, blend of experience and character, trusted and respected in the local community.


Beware the ‘over valuation’ designed to impress and secure your instruction. An inflated price will attract very few viewers with the right buyers never seeing it, as a result going stale on the market.

The correct price is paramount! Appoint an agent that will not only has a track record of successful sales in the area but a thoroughly working knowledge of current buyer activity and who can interpret prevailing market trends to your advantage.


There can be huge differences between agencies. Cut price agents may not give your property the best attention, so charge less for a poorer service that results in a lower sales price for the seller. The Net amount in your pocket is surely more important than the percentage charged. Fee levels are important but professionalism, understanding and ease of communication are not to be forgotten.


We can all communicate ‘Good News’. Good agents are in frequent contact and have the guts to advise if anything needs done to improve the chances of a sale.


If the agent is not enthusiastic – don’t instruct them. A positive instruction is essential.

Opening Hours/Viewings

It is incredible that so few agents willing and graciously provide evening and weekend appointments. We are happy to accommodate by appointment. Our policy is to accompany all buyers and provide prompt and constructive feedback to our Vendors.

After sales liaison

Some believe that the sale is done when the buyer is found. Not So!! Many sales are lost due to poor follow-up or inadequate liaison with surveyors, buyers,& solicitors. Mallon Property are dedicated to sale progression, trained to spot potential difficulties long before they arise.


When choosing an agent, choose one that handles Lettings also. They have long term buy-to-let property investors on their books who regularly buy, they know the agent, make quick decisions and give reliable offers. If you however decide to rent instead of selling, the same agent can handle both – whichever comes along first!

The Director

Choose an agent that is owned by someone that is interested in your sale and that can be contacted easily in the event of any queries or difficulties. Mallon Property is run by Tiernan Mallon. His mobile number is 086 2702317

Ultimately, choose an local based agent who holds similar values to your own. One who has time to listen, understands your needs, who can offer real straight – talking advice, who takes pride in their integrity, with a passion for results.

So when it comes time to sell – choose wisely

Choose Mallon Property